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with love   / Cathy Austin (wife)
Hi sweetheart thankyou for being by my side today in church the pastor was saying something which I had to smile about your voice came to me saying cath you go to the door someone is knocking which easy just like you love u lots x
sad news   / Cathy Mitchell (wife)
Hi sweetheart sad new for us auntie Vera sadly passed away yesterday evening so she has now joined you all how long it will be b e for mum and vera Have a row still you always got on with her so don't give her to much trouble and don't say anything...  Continue >>
Birthday  / Cath (wife)
Hi Baby well its my birthday yet again getting older by the day wish you were here with us had a good day yesterday pre birthday Dinner with Paul & Kerin and family which was lovely mind you it had to be I cooked it self praise been sad tonight b...  Continue >>
hi baby   / Cath (wife)
hi sweetheart here I am in the USA staying in Florida at are Paul & kerins Villa wish you were here with us I know you always loved the US I miss you so much things have never been the same I have tried so hard to bring the family back together bu...  Continue >>
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His legacy
Legacy from Lionel  

the bigest legacy Lionel gave me his wife of 40 years 22 days was my 2 wonderful children with them both I dont know what I would have done without them

and they have given us wounderful grandchilden

Amanda ( known as Panda bear )

her daughters Abbie Jane & Millie Jane


His Children Stuart , Bradley. Matilda , & Destiny who you never got to see but I know you will be looking down on us all


My heart is still broken that you left me so soon things over the years haven't gone to well for us as a family if only it could be mended  if only you could see that Panda bear comes back to me it breaks my heart everyday words have been said which you cant take back but it could be mended and hearts back together again where they belong


love you so much and miss you if tears could build a stair way I would be with you now tell me what to do as I am now lost xxxxx

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