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with love  / Cathy Austin (wife)  Read >>
with love  / Cathy Austin (wife)
Hi sweetheart thankyou for being by my side today in church the pastor was saying something which I had to smile about your voice came to me saying cath you go to the door someone is knocking which easy just like you love u lots x Close
sad news  / Cathy Mitchell (wife)  Read >>
sad news  / Cathy Mitchell (wife)
Hi sweetheart sad new for us auntie Vera sadly passed away yesterday evening so she has now joined you all how long it will be b e for mum and vera Have a row still you always got on with her so don't give her to much trouble and don't say anything about her mum like you did last time love and miss you Cath xxxx Close
Birthday / Cath (wife)  Read >>
Birthday / Cath (wife)

Hi Baby well its my birthday yet again getting older by the day wish you were here with us had a good day yesterday pre birthday Dinner with Paul & Kerin and family which was lovely mind you it had to be I cooked it self praise been sad tonight been thinking about the old days I know I shouldn't really but still I have only got one wish which I know wont happen but I can wish if I want to cant I you know apart from you coming back to me my wish is that I just get one little word from our daughter its been so long now with out a hello how are you thats all I need to know that she does care a little about me still maybe one day love and miss you xxxxx 

hi baby  / Cath (wife)  Read >>
hi baby  / Cath (wife)
hi sweetheart here I am in the USA staying in Florida at are Paul & kerins Villa wish you were here with us I know you always loved the US I miss you so much things have never been the same I have tried so hard to bring the family back together but have no fight left in me last year things went wrong for me and our son both very ill at the same time but we have been together since and try to keep each other strong I know in my heart that you did love me or you would have left years before only your death parted us keep watching over us all we need you love you for ever my darling love cath Close